Popular Applications
The Hen House: Poultry owners are rapidly making the Sweeter Heater the preferred heat source for the backyard hen house.

Dog Houses: Mount at the top of the house and your best friend will stay warm and dry.

Reptile cages: Use tank, OH or SM models.

Bird cages: Safe, warm, and no noise, use the TH, OH or Sm models!

Incubators: Use the TH model with a tank incubator, OH model (suspended by a chain) or SM model for flush mounting to a solid surface

Dog kennels: Use SM model to mount flush to the ceiling, or OH model suspended from the top of the kennel by a chain

Whelping: OH models suspend from the top of the whelping area. SM models can sit right on top of the cage.


Porta kennels: SM models install in the top of the kennel and keep your hunting dog or pet warm and happy on your next adventure.

No piling and right at home...

Plenty of room for everyone under the OH1130...

Scooted right under the Sweeter Heater as soon as we put them in the brooder...

Warm and out of harms way ... great for lamb breeders...


Instruction on how to setup a Brooder... (.pdf)

SM1116 mounted overhead in a small pet carrier.

SM1130 mounted overhead in a portable kennel.

Close up of overhead mount attachment.

SM1130 mounted flush to the top of the coop for chickens.

I have to tell you it is the BEST HEATER ever! The chickens loved it. I can't say enough good things about it and tell everyone! Hats off to its inventor.
-Jean, Brookline Vt.

Your heater is great! You should think about placing an ad in the Backyard Poultry magazine. I have a feeling you could sell a lot of these if more people knew about them. Everyone I have told about them is very interested.

All best,

SM 1130 mounted flush overhead.

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