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Infratherm, Inc. was founded in May of 1995. Infratherm,Inc. set out to introduce a new product, the Sweeter Heater, to replace the obsolete and dangerous heat lamp technology used in warming animals and pets. Since 1995 Sweeter Heaters have proven to be effective as a heat source for the hen house, wild fowl, game birds, exotic birds, farrowing of hogs, whelping of puppies, dog house heaters, portable kennel heaters, reptile cage heaters, aquarium heaters, aviaries, baby goats and many other applications where a heat lamp is used as a specific area heater.

The Sweeter Heater is a reliable, long lasting consistent heat panel that delivers a laminar heat flow, requires low electrical energy consumption, can be washed down and sanitized, is completely sealed and is durable - with a three year warranty against defects in material or workmanship. The heaters are suspended in very much the same manner as heat lamps, but the heated area is even and uniform throughout the entire surface area of the heater with no hot spot to burn the animals.

Infratherm and Sweeter Heater are trademarks of Infratherm Inc.

Infratherm, Inc.

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